Going Off Topic (#11) 5 Weeks Left…


You might have noticed that I’ve been pretty active on this blog for the last 2 weeks, more so than I have been all year! I think I’ve finally got my blogging mojo back. Officially, my maternity leave is over in 2 weeks, but I’ve tagged on leftover annual leave so I actually have 5 full weeks till I’m back at work. I can’t believe it! The first 3 months felt like 3 years but the rest of the time has flown. I’m going to miss my little girl so much!


If you’ve read one of my recent movie reviews you’ll see the format of them has changed. I’ve been struggling to write my usual free-flowing posts so moving to an actual structured format has really helped me to focus my thoughts on what to actually write. I think I’ll be sticking to this format for a while now, I’m finding posts much easier and more enjoyable to write.


I haven’t watched as many movies as I usually would recently but that’ll change now I’ve made the vow to complete my ‘watchlist’ before the end of the year. Plus, last night I took the plunge and signed up for Odeon’s Limitless card. If you haven’t heard of it, for £17.99 per month you get to see as many movies as you like.

Of course, this means I’ll be making a lot of solo cinema trips, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to me anymore but a few years ago I would have looked at you in horror if you suggested I go alone. Does anyone else take solo trips? Also, do you think I should put on my big girl pants and go see Hereditary? I’m so tempted!


I took the mention of books out of my blog banner a while ago because I haven’t read any for months. I’ve decided though to give myself half an hour each night in bed to do some reading and to stick to one-off novels rather than trilogies and other series’ just to keep myself motivated. I’ve started reading The Outsider by Stephen King, and I’m really getting into it so far. It’s a murder mystery story where the case seems like it’s solved before it’s even begun, but I know that won’t be how it goes.


Right now, life is good. My little girl is 8 months old today (I can’t believe it) and she’s such a bundle of joy to be around, most of the time. She’s an early riser (yawn) but she’s so playful and cute that I can’t be mad at her for it. We have a proper weekly routine now including soft play, swimming, sensory, the library and singing time, so we’re always busy! I’ll genuinely miss it all when I go back to work.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell! I’m really looking forward to being more active here again, I just hope I can keep it up and not keep disappearing for a few weeks! Hope you’re all having a good June so far.


Going Off Topic (#10) 28 Days Later


I realise it’s been longer than 28 days since my last off topic post, but I at least wanted to try and stay movie-related, and a zombie is pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately! Just allow me one more ramble before I get back to actual blogging.

So, I’ve been on my medication for 4 weeks now and after roughly 10 days of feeling more ill and tired than I think I ever have, I’m starting to finally feel more like me again. It’s coming to the weekend and realising I’ve had more good days than bad, and even the bad days are easier to actually deal with. Plus, I’m finding more enjoyment in it all. I mean, having a kid is actually pretty hilarious at time.


Speaking of the little devil angel, she’s 5 months old now and she’s grown so much! She sits up with support, smiles, laughs, grabs whatever she can get her chubby little hands on and actually plays with things. She hates nap time, and believes sleep is for the weak, but hey, no one’s perfect. Besides, as a parent you can get your own back in small ways. Ways like:

– Buying her an Easter egg, telling her she’s far too young for chocolate and eating the whole thing before Easter even arrives, because you’re the grown up of the house.

– Using her as a shopping basket whilst going around the shops because hey, I need to buy stuff and my arms are occupied in pushing her around.

– Filming her trying to sit up by herself but failing miserably and falling over, and laughing about it because a) she’s safe on the sofa and b) it’s bloody hilarious.

– Getting her dressed for the day, realising in bright red and blue she looks like a garden gnome, and not only leaving her like that for the day but taking a photo and showing everyone.

There’s bound to be more, but that’s all I can think of from the top of my head. Karma gets me back for this in the nighttime by the way.

So, yeah, that’s kind of where I am right now. I’m hoping that from next I can get back into watching a few more movies and catching up on all the blogs I follow. For a few years now movies has been my little hobby and I’m known in my family and friends group as being their little movie expert, and I feel like a bit of a failure when they’ve all seen more of the latest releases than I have!

That’s all for now – hopefully I’ll be back again real soon!

Going Off Topic (#9) The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week


Oh you guys, this week has just been the worst. I’ll give you the option to just close this tab now, because honestly, this post is here more because I find it therapeutic to write about rather than talk about. It’s nothing movie related, and it’s not very interesting either, but it’s all about one of the worst weeks of my life. Normal blog posts will resume shortly…I hope!

Where to begin? It was on the Thursday. I had to take our little one for her 16 week immunisations in the morning. They’re horrible, she had 2 jabs in one thigh and another jab in the other and oh, she cried. She stayed grisly for the rest of the day, and then it came to nighttime. I think we’ve been quite lucky really, she has a feed around 4-5am but otherwise sleeps through the night. Not this time though. She was up at midnight wanting a feed, as well as her usual.

Actually, I need to rewind a little further. I’d asked my husband to book a couple of days off work that week anyway as I’d been really struggling by myself and could really do with his company (and help!) just to recharge myself a little. It was great, those two days, but as soon as he went back to work it all fell apart again. I’ve struggled emotionally ever since our little girl was born, I lost a lot of my pregnancy weight in the first week because I had no apetite at all, and I cried spontaneously for at least the first month. Things started to get a little better, there would be the occasional bad day, but nothing out of the ordinary. 4 months down the line though, I don’t know at what point it happened, but every day was a bad day.

I just found everything difficult, and couldn’t enjoy the things I used to. It’s hard to explain to be honest. That Thursday was my breaking point, and I booked myself an appointment to see a doctor the next morning.

The doctor was really helpful and asked me a whole bunch of questions, and I was nervous to answer them all. I told her about how I felt like each day’s goal was to just survive and make it to bedtime, just to start all over again, and when she asked me how I felt about the future I realised just how bad I was truly feeling. Long story short, I’ve been diagnosed with Post-Natal Depression and been put onto medication to help me out.

That’s great and all but the horrible thing about these tablets is how ill they make you feel. I was told I’d feel sick and tired, and I might go off my food, but for the first 4-5 days all I ate each day was one piece of toast, and I lay awake at night absolutely freezing but sweating like crazy.

The night I took my first tablet, our little girl had a funny turn. She refused her milk bottle at 6pm, which is completely unlike her. We kept her up till 9pm and got her ready for bed, and she refused that bottle too, but then started screaming non-stop. After about an hour we got her to sleep, but she soon woke up screaming again, and refused the bottle, so we took her to the emergency room at the hospital. We spent about 5 hours there in total through the night. They monitored her temperature, pulse and blood sugars and we kept offering her milk in between her sleeping, but she drank none of it. Eventually we were told to go home, let her sleep and try her again in the morning.

At 6am she woke up again and actually had some milk! She went 15 hours all together which was so scary. She wasn’t herself for another few days but is feeling much better now thankfully.

So, on that Monday my husband called in sick to help me out because I still felt awful from my medication. He doesn’t get paid for sick days and with me on maternity leave it’s a huge deal, but I was so grateful. Tuesday morning came and I told him I didn’t know how I was going to get through the day, and I think he felt awful for leaving me. However, 2 hours later he came back home and told me he’d arranged with work to have the rest of the week off, huzzah!

However…within an hour of being home he became ill and spent most of the day in the bathroom. We took him to see a doctor the next morning and got some anti-biotics. It’s probably a water infection that he’s got, but could actually be the first signs of appendicitis. Needless to say, I spent the week looking after him instead.

So where are we now? Our little one is back to her usual self, my husband is back to work and fingers crossed, feeling better, and I’ve got my appetite back. It’s still too early for my medication to make me start to feel better, but I’m getting by okay for now. Fingers crossed I’ll be back to watching movies and blogging real soon!

Going Off Topic (#8) A New Normal

You guys, I made a resolution to try and post once a week and so far I’ve managed it every 3 days! I hope this isn’t just an amazing start that’s going to fail by February, like every diet I’ve ever started on Jan 1st. To be fair, it’s because my little one has been a gem at bedtime lately and it’s given me this laptop time! In fact, life itself has got more of a routine now, I can’t believe Daisy is going to be 3 months old next week!


Life isn’t ever going to be the same again, just trying to do the week’s food shop requires professional event planning experience, but we’re finding a new normal, and we can do more ‘normal’ things now. In fact, on Wednesday I’m meeting up with Jenna to see The Greatest Showman at the cinema! I cannot WAIT. I hope it’s good, I’ve been avoiding listening to the soundtrack in advance in case I ruin it for myself.

What else? We’re planning a big American holiday for next year to celebrate mine and my husband’s 30th birthday (ugh I’m old!) and just today I’ve made plans to go back to Disneyland Paris with 2 of my favourite girlfriends where I’ll be child-free for a couple of days! I might even get drunk! Ahh, simple pleasures…

So, TV wise I’m doing terribly. Bedtimes may be great, but dinner times aren’t, and in 5 weeks we’ve watched 4 episodes of The Punisher. We’ll get there eventually! It took us about 3 weeks to watch Season 2 of Stranger Things, and that was well worth the wait! I daren’t (is that a word?) even try and speculate what we’ll watch next, although I hear Season 4 of Black Mirror is out!


It takes me an entire day (sometimes 2) to watch a movie in chunks at the moment, but I’ve been able to see quite a few this month so far! I haven’t blogged about all of them just because some I don’t have much to say about, but here’s a little recap:
The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017) – Not as good as the trailers made it look, but still enjoyable and worth a watch.
Flatliners (2017) – I’ve never seen the original so can’t compare, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Diego Luna makes everything better!
mother! (2017) – What. The. Actual. Hell. It took me far too long to realise the whole thing was a religious metaphor. I loved the first half until I caught on.
Dunkirk (2017)Review here.
Battle of the Sexes (2017)Review here.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2018)Review here.
The Shape of Water (2017) – Not my kind of thing at all, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

Next week I’m hoping to see Focus (2015) which my family watched last week and loved, and I need to see if any of the other big awards movies are out on VOD yet to catch up as best as I can!

Is there anything you guys have watched recently which you loved and recommend? I’m still clueless on the latest releases!

Bonus GIF just because…


Going Off Topic (#7) Identity Crisis

This might just be the longest I’ve gone without blogging. Pregnancy is hard, you guys! I’ve got just less than 4 weeks till my due date now, and I’m at that point where I don’t remember what life was like not being pregnant. I don’t remember sleeping through the night without needing to pee, or being able to get off the sofa without effort, discomfort, and grunting noises.

I’ve watched very little movies lately – I just haven’t had the energy, and that got me thinking long and hard about what I want to do with this little blog of mine.


First things first, I’m finding my passion for movies again. That happened fairly soon after a friend asked me about an upcoming release that I realised I hadn’t even heard of, let alone seen a trailer for or had on my watch list. I feel so out of the loop! It made me quite sad tell the truth, so that’s the start of getting back on top of things for me.

One thing I have been doing more of though is reading books. It might take me over a week to get through one because my reading time is so fragmented, but I haven’t loved reading so much since I was a kid in school, so I’d like to blog some more about what I’ve been reading.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I know fairly soon the life I know is going to be turned upside down. I love to write and I need to make more time for it, but my go-to subject of movies might get difficult to blog about for a while.


I might start blogging more and more about my life in general, because it helps me, and it serves the purpose of a journal too – something I used to love doing when I was younger.

I’ll still blog about my hobbies as much as I can – but I hope you guys are also okay with me sharing some life stories more often than I normally do.