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Thursday Movie Picks: Revenge

Thursday Movie Picks

I had to bow out of last week’s Thursday Movie Picks topic (hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves) simply because I only watched 1 new TV show last year! Hopefully, that will change this year as I get into some more of Netflix’s offerings.

However – this week’s topic is ever so slightly awkward in the sense that I’ve had it pre-written for a couple of weeks now and it features the currently infamous Liam Neeson. If you’ll allow me to be ever so slightly crude for a moment, it comes to something when you see one of your favourite actors trending on Twitter and think great, are you dead, a pedophile or a racist?!

Aaaaaanyway, let’s move that to one side so that I can tell you about my 3 favourite revenge movies.


Taken (2008)

As if Taken is over 10 years old now! I was late to the party with this one – my husband (back when he was my boyfriend) really wanted to see Taken 2 at the cinema so I was forced to see the original just so I knew what was going on. It’s one of those movies where even if you haven’t seen it, you know the famous line “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.” Also – I just this second learned that they made a TV Show of the series, has anyone seen it? Is it any good?


John Wick (2014)

As you can see, I’m not going with obscure picks this week. Weirdly, John Wick is another series I was late to, again being forced by my husband (he was my fiance at this point) to give it a watch. If you should learn anything from action movies let it be this – don’t kill another man’s dog. You won’t live to tell the tale!


Oldboy (2003)

Finally, it seemed criminal to not mention Oldboy this week even though it’s all I’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks now! Oldboy is the ultimate tale of revenge on both sides of the coin. The main who imprisoned Oh Dae-su is after revenge for…well, I can’t tell you for spoiler reasons. Oh Dae-su is after revenge after being locked up and fed fried dumplings for 15 years. It’s dark, gritty, twisted, and an absolute must watch!

18 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Revenge

  1. I’ve only seen Taken which was fine and actiony though nothing I’ll ever return to, it fits very well though. I’ve been meaning to get to John Wick and it is in my queue but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Oldboy is popular today, though not as much as Kill Bill, but I’ve never had any great desire to see it.

    I read the theme and immediately thought of film noir where revenge is almost always a plot factor and the pickings became easy, too easy actually it became tough to winnow down to three! But I love the three I ended up with.

    No Way Out (1950)-Shot during a robbery lowlife criminal Ray Biddle (Richard Widmark) and his brother Johnny are cared for by young black doctor Luther Brooks (Sidney Poitier) at the local hospital. Ray, a virulent bigot, protests loudly and when Johnny dies on the operating table (from an undiagnosed brain tumor) Ray becomes convinced it was murder and swears revenge. In frustration Luther and his mentor Dr. Wharton (Stephen McNally) turn to Johnny’s ex-wife Edie (Linda Darnell) to try and convince Ray of the truth. But despite being jailed Ray sends messages via another brother, the mute George (Harry Bellaver), to his gang and manages to incite the denizens of his ghetto-Beaver Canal-to attack the neighboring black community. Escaping Ray hunts Luther down leading to a nail biting face-off. Poitier’s first film, he’s good if a bit tentative, and overshadowed by Widmark and Linda Darnell both of whom give award level performances. Director Joseph Mankiewicz lead up to All About Eve is a brutal unfortunately still timely film about racial tensions.

    Act of Violence (1949)-Frank Enley (Van Heflin) is regarded as a war hero in his small California town where he lives with his wife Edith (Janet Leigh) and young daughter but one day Joe Parkson (Robert Ryan) appears hell-bent on revenge and Frank’s life starts to spiral out of control. The truth is that Frank aided the Nazis during his interment leading to a thwarting of Joe’s escape and a crippling injury as well as the death of several others. Now Joe plans a deadly vindication. Tough, bleak noir.

    Marked Woman (1937) – Mary Dwight (Bette Davis) and her four compatriots-Gabby, Estelle, Florrie and Emmy Lou-work as “hostesses” in a Manhattan nightclub that’s just been converted into a clip joint run by mob boss Johnny Vanning (Eduardo Ciannelli). Shortly afterwards they are pulled in by the crusading DA (Humphrey Bogart) and Mary takes the fall with assurances from Vanning that he will take care of her. But things go wrong and Mary’s innocent sister Betty is pulled into the web and ends up dead. When Vanning tries to weasel out of responsibility Mary tells him that she’ll get her revenge “Even if I have to crawl back from my grave to do it!” In response his thugs disfigure her making her the Marked Woman of the title which only strengthens her resolve to even the score.


  2. And the Oldboy love train continues. I’m just tickled you’ve gotten so much out of this movie. John Wick is just flat out awesome. Taken was okay, but people love it. I get it.


  3. I just read about the issue with Liam Neeson. I head hangs low but, I still like him. We forget that he is in His 60’s and grew up Catholic Irish so we should not be surprised. This is not an excuse just an understanding of the personality and environment he grew up in. Talk about foot in mouth disease! I commend him for being heart broken for his friend but to label one race like that is just wrong. I’m glad he sought counselling but maybe he needs to shut up and start being humble. Now, I like Taken which is the best of the 3. John Wick…even seeing that pic with the puppy makes me so sad. I know the dog is aok but I was so upset see8ng that scene that it upset me for weeks. I have to skip past that part and then enjoy the film. I have not seen the last film at all.


    1. I’ve stayed very quiet on the Neeson thing but I 100% agree with everything you’ve just said – in fact I couldn’t have worded it better if I tried!
      I’ve heard there’s a website where you can type in the name of a movie and it’ll tell you whether or not it has a dog who dies, crazy! But helpful!


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