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Point Break (1991) vs. Point Break (2015)

I was feeling pretty blue last week, but a visit from my family and a chat about movies never fails to perk me up a bit. They’re forever taking recommendations from me, but this time I got some recommendations from them! Turns out one of my Mum’s favourite movies is Point Break (1991), a movie I’ve always known the name of but knew nothing about, and so not only did I give it a go last week, I also watched the 2015 remake so I could compare the two.


Let me explain the plot of the original first just in case you haven’t seen it yet either. There’s a group of people robbing banks dressed as former Presidents of the US, and thanks to some footage from one of the crimes, one detective has the theory that the criminals are surfers. Keanu Reeves is an undercover cop that worms his way into the surf scene in Los Angeles and ultimately finds himself becoming close friends with the leader, played by Patrick Swayze.

No need to beat around the bush, it was fairly obvious that the gang that Keanu Reeves got himself in with was going to be the gang committing the crimes. But that’s not really the point, because this movie has so much else to offer. It has tension, action by the bucket-load and a romance that doesn’t feel unnecessary or forced. It also has one of the coolest scenes ever (Keanu Reeves on his back shooting at the sky) that I recognised from being spoofed and referenced in other things I’ve seen.


I loved the ending, too. I thought it would end with the bad guys being caught, the good guys live happily ever after, blah blah blah, but the actual ending was a welcome surprise to me. Plus dare I admit it, I feel a Keanu Reeves obsession coming on. Is this the right time to admit I’ve never seen The Matrix?

Anyway, it was whilst on a high from seeing Point Break that I decided I would watch the 2015 remake. Oh what a stupid mistake that was! It’s impossible to write something coherent and intelligent about the differences, but allow me to list some of the things that annoyed me the most:

– New Keanu Reeves was blond and new Patrick Swayze was a brunette which confused the hell out of me constantly

– The actual bank robberies were mentioned briefly and that was it, rather than them playing a huge part of the story

– Any actual plot was thrown away in favour of stunts

– The only moments that were properly remade from the original were done in terrible ways. The moment Utah started shooting at the sky made me laugh it was so bad.


Honestly, they could have just copied the movie frame by frame, word by word and it would have been better. I’m all for giving an old story a new lease of life but the best parts were trashed and replaced with crazy stunts just for the sake of action.

Put simply, it was LAME. I’ll stick with the original, thanks!

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19 thoughts on “Point Break (1991) vs. Point Break (2015)

  1. My little sister on the new one: “how can something be that bad?” I haven’t seen it, but if I do I will stick to the original. Looks much bettter, and I am on board with Patrick Swayze in anything.


  2. “I’m all for giving an old story a new lease of life but the best parts were trashed and replaced with crazy stunts just for the sake of action.” That is about the only thing I remember about the remake (other than I didn’t like it). Some of the stunts were thrilling but offered nothing of value to the paper-thin story. The original is SO much better.


  3. Is this the right time to admit I’ve never seen The Matrix?

    (I’m not sure there’s ever a right time to admit this!) [You have to see the first one immediately! It’s so badass]

    I really enjoyed your post, as the first one is a classic (Fast and the Furious is clearly a better remake than the new Point Break, I’m assuming). It’s always fun to read someone coming in fresh, you know?


  4. Completly agreed!
    If you felt confused with the hair looks, just think about this: I never could stop thinking about heath ledger & jake gyllenhaal in brokeback mountain. Don´t you think they are similars? Hahahah


  5. I think your feelings about the new Point Break come from you confusing it as an attempt at a remake. Watch it again, if you can, and try to view it on its own without comparing it to the original. It’s an honest, believable plot that doesn’t once come across as hokey.
    The “villains” come across as real and understandable.
    Further, it gets even deeper into the spirituality of surfing and other extreme sports.
    Aside from Patrick Swayze’s performance, the acting in the original Point Break has always seemed forced – Keanu Reeves especially!
    Other than in one single scene, it fails to develop or explain the close relationship between Bodie and his crew.
    It also makes a huge leap assuming that a) Utah could learn to surf proficiently in 2 weeks, and b) that a hardcore, expert surfer like Bodie would ever accept Utah as a fellow surfer.
    I think it was smarter in the 2015 Point Break to have Johnny Utah already have an involvement in extreme sports.
    And the romance? NOT forced in the original? It was completely unnecessary to the plot, yet it was included.
    I’d say that’s the definition of forced.
    I wont bother going into the various other plot problems, like why Bodie’s crew chooses not to either run or get rid of Utah once they know he’s with the FBI?
    Instead they take him skydiving….?
    And what’s his cover story? “Lawyer”? What a joke. Hes a lawyer but somehow able to keep the same hours as the surfers.
    Mostly though, the problems are with Keanu, who as usual sounds like hes still reading his lines directly from the script.
    Most embarrassing was while skydiving – “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ”
    Say Yeah again, Keanu.
    Now, let’s hook up for an extremely advanced skydiving move, on your very first time.
    This would have been the perfect opportunity for Bodie’s crew to get rid of Utah, but instead they appear to be bonding with him…and then comes the reveal they’ve kidnapped Tyler, Bodie’s ex and one of THEIR OWN ?
    Worse, Bodie’s explanation is outright contradictory to the character we’ve been introduced to.
    And in the final robbery scene, OUT goes the whole image of Bodie and his crew, just being surfers, Man….NOT simple killers – but that’s exactly what they are!

    Best line.
    UTAH: “you can’t arrest them.”
    Utah has F-ed up this case AND his career.

    ( I did like how maskless Bodie, at the end of the robbery, is basically Patrick Swayze from his SNL “Chippendale’s” role alongside Chris Farley)

    Enough from me. My final analysis:

    2015….as it should have been. Much, much better in every way.


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